Yacht Beats takes us for a trip in ‘Lofi Ocean Vol 1’

South Bronx producer Yacht Beats is carving his space in the lofi instrumental genre and after countless hours and several years working in different studios, he decided to change his routine and bought a 31’ Yacht. Now after 2 years of repurposing and retro-fitting it, the producer is now a yatch-based musician crafting beats far from the madding crowd. His latest release Lofi Ocean Vol 1 is a 4 track body of work that explores his blend of warm sounds with the natural sounds around him.

“Call Of The Gulls” features Chris Rosa. The track is a mellow and warm piece made up of dreamy ethereal pads and sounds of the ocean with melancholic piano riffs and sparse drum grooves. The guitar licks also play into the ambient feel and add that nostalgic feel to it. “Sirens Groove” has a synth-wave feel and reminds me of the ’80s lounge music with a modern twist. The pads are layered and the wobbly synth-leads add a psychedelic element to it. It’s quite relaxing and perfect to put in the background as meditative music. “Depth Of Change” starts with a solemn piano riff that continues for the rest of the track before the sublime pads come into play. The transitions and soft subtle changes keep things dynamic as well and the use of gull sounds and water droplets gives it that fluid aquatic feel.

The final track “Mantas Theme” is an aptly titled track made up of layered sounds ranging from bell-synths, haunting choral vocals, dreamy pads and rich pulsating basslines to boot. Overall, Lofi Ocean Vol 1 is cohesive and well crafted with all the tracks being seamless and offering listeners a soundscape they can play all over again to achieve calmness.

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