Neev delivers windswept melodies on “Seawall”

Producer, songwriter and musician Neev has just dropped “Seawall” via Trapped Animal Records.

Heavily inspired by the Andrew Scott-led play of the same name, Neev has created a calming soundscape that embodies wistful sounds and folk embellishments. Upbeat and honest, mellow vocal lines cut through with self-assurance while melodies and gentle hums build up to a thickly textured ending that effortlessly generates an inner warmth. Tender guitar tones compliment the reflective nature of the track, with every aspect thoughtfully crafted.

“I wrote Seawall a few years back, as lockdown hit. I’d watched the play Seawall during lockdown which written for and performed by Andrew Scott, I’d seen it in the theatre too, and it’s a play that shares a monologue where the central character offhandedly refers to a hole in the middle of their stomach,” explains Neev.

“This kind of fed into my song writing, focusing on the themes surrounding fatigue and stretching yourself too thin which became represented by a hole in the stomach. Hence the lyrics: ‘I know that there’s a hole, take no notice’. And: ‘What a way to exist, you’ve been polite ignoring this hole’.”

Having previously received support from notable UK radio tastemakers, Neev is setting herself up for further success.

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