“NEVER HOME” from Twin Hector highlights the modern artist’s dilemma

Twin Hector is a Los Angeles based, platinum award-winning artist drawing influence from hip-hop and R&B to refine his sound. His new single “NEVER HOME” is a breathtaking trip through sonic ecstasy as Twin Hector lets his head drift into the clouds. Noting on his wild imagination, ambition, and curiosity that sweeps him away from an ordinary life, “NEVER HOME” is an anthem that captures the plight of today’s artist.

“NEVER HOME” draws together iridescent beats, hypnotic plunges of 808s, and an ethereal vocal that takes Twin Hector to a whole new level. Descending into a melodic dream state, Twin Hector guides with ear-catching lyrics that trip over his razor-sharp flow. He sings, “Sorry I ain’t answer when you call me / I was in my zone.” “NEVER HOME” speaks volumes to the experience of an artist with a vibrant lust for life reigned in by the gripping throes of the real world.

Twin Hector had lived in cities among the likes of Dayton, Ohio and Atlanta, Georgia before finding his place in Los Angeles. He is a platinum award-winning artist, often writing about different settings he encounters in the City of Angels.

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