Victoria Leanna drops vibrant track “Solar Flare”

Rising independent talent Victoria Leanna delivers vibrance and warmth on “Solar Flare,” led by her sultry vocals backdropped by an intensely layered electro-tinged soundscape, punctuated by hazy beats.

Honing in on a summery vibe that reflects the name of the song, the groovy number highlights her vocal range as the anthemic production gets us moving along.

Crafting empowering music that consistently emphasizes the powerful idea of women getting everything they want in life, relationships and sex, Leanna’s artistry delicately and expertly toes the line between racy and gentle, making use of her clever song writing skills to paint vivid pictures of powerful messages.

Managing to be intimate even as she tackles big, relatable statements and themes, Victoria Leanna makes a strong impression with her passionate and sensual artistry.

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