Newcomer august at night drops captivating debut single "Realer"

Newcomer august at night roots us in honesty and the joy of being alive on dreamy R&B debut offering “Realer,” with soft beats and delicate instrumentals complimenting his hushed vocals. With a floaty soundscape that ebbs and flows with each note, the earworm track leaves you feeling comfortable and wanting more.

Showcasing sleek sonics framed by lo-fi sensibilities, the track pushes against the confines of studio productions, with the emerging talent revealing it was “was produced and recorded on trains, in living rooms, on a bed.” With gentle vocals, recorded in a walk-in closet, the track brims with echoing intricacies juxtaposed against poignant songwriting about getting to know yourself.

With a power that belies his up-and-comer status in music, the textured production captivates us with its vulnerability and strength equally, as august at night channels honesty into every nook of his craft. Already planning ahead, the rising act who has plenty more music in the pipeline, uses his debut track to establish his ability to use his soothing melodies as a vehicle to convey his thoughts and feelings in the most understated yet impactful way he knows.

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