Zach Bailey is optimistic in “See Ya Next Time”

Singer-songwriter and musician Zach Bailey has just unveiled his latest single. Entitled “See Ya Next Time”, the song follows his 2023 release “When I Was With You”.

With “See Ya Next Time”, the artist looks to the future after a breakup. Ready for happy times, joy, and the excitement for what’s next, the song takes a different turn from a typical downhearted and sad breakup song. Lyrics including, “I know we weren’t perfect / But gosh darn we tried / You got your dreams / And I’ve got mine / I hope it’s not farewell/ It’s see you next time,” show a hopeful narrative and one without anger or resentment towards the ex. Musically, the track is filled with kaleidoscopic sounds, driving guitars, and light-weight drums for a cathartic listen. A catchy melody and 80’s inspired quirky vocals add to the song’s allure.

The artist also performed a recent full band show at a packed Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on March 30th. The set featured band members Gal Petel on drums, Justin Cohn on guitar, Ramsey Lee on synthesizer, Christopher Ellis on bass, and Rachel Baldwin on backing vocals. Highlights included the joie de vivre bridge section and falsetto vocal on “WIWWY” and the explosive pop rock duet “Knock Knock” featuring Rachel Baldwin. “Tough Guy” enticed with slow-burned guitars, and mood-drenched vocals. While “The Dive Bar” featured an intricate acoustic guitar and warm soul-baring vocals. The most exciting moment however was when the attentive audience got a new glimpse of his latest single “See Ya Next Time” and a thunderous applause erupted after it was performed.

Zach Bailey is a Kansas born and bred singer/songwriter who now resides in sunny Los Angeles. In 2021, he first began to share music and since then has released a handful of singles. Known for his true vulnerability and knack for sonic fusion, the artist has garnered a deeply loyal local fanbase.

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