Nick Campbell Destroys “I Think We Both Know” is melancholic bliss

Electric bass musician and singer/songwriter Nick Campbell Destroys has just unleashed his latest single and it is a gorgeous one. Called “I Think We Both Know”, the song marks a different musical direction for the prolific writer in which he leans more into the indie pop meets singer/songwriter genres. The track was written alongside musician and songwriter Okudaxij (Eric Radloff).

With “I Think We Both Know”, Nick Campbell Destroys and Okudaxij pen a heartbreaking song about an intense love that shows up and then is lost due to life’s circumstances. Lyrics including, “It always feels like it’s unfair / It comes and goes without a care / It takes control and comes to life / Like it did that night,” shows the myriad of emotions of a lost love including feelings of heartbreak. Musically, the single features lush instrumentation complete with downtempo basslines, cinematic acoustic guitars and cathartic melodies for an enticing listen. The song lulls the listener with every note with its swirling nostalgic rich sonics.

Nick Campbell Destroys is a Los Angeles born and bred prodigious bass player. He has a unique musical sense and often superimposes triadic patterns over static harmonies. “I Think We Both Know” follows his debut album Art and his concert film “Live For the Highest Bidder”. Check out “I Think We Both Know” and enjoy the stunning musical rollercoaster.

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