Hotel Mira’s “Everything Once” is chasing a moment

Hotel Mira is quickly becoming one of the hottest new acts to watch. The Los Angeles band has an electrifying energy that radiates through their music. Their new song, “Everything Once,” is a perfect example of their songwriting prowess.

A touching tribute to singer Charlie Kerr’s childhood friend, he says, “He was the kind of guy who would come see your band even if only six people showed up. Risking humiliation, he would sing extremely loud and dance up a storm creating an illusion that would have you thinking if, just for a second, you were playing to a packed stadium.”

This song echoes that feeling. The pulsating beat drives the song. It’s a rush from start to finish, a song built for dancing in a packed room too close to strangers. “I don’t want to fall, I don’t want to break, I just want to get that feeling again,” the band chants like a mantra for the crowd. It feels like a race to the finish, the shrill guitar solo, Kerr’s desperate voice lifting over the chants, ending with You keep me running low, you keep me running low, you keep me running,” as the song fades out.

“This song represents a tribute for my friend and a plea that whoever reads this educates themselves about addiction and tries to be kinder and more open and see the humanity in these kinds of struggles,” Kerr explains. It’s a beautiful tribute that resonates with so many people, but the song feels like a celebration in those layered undertones, and that’s where Hotel Mira really shines, finding those moments that feel so specific in the lyrics, universal but personal.

Hotel Mira is a Canadian indie/alternative rock band consisting of Charlie Kerr on vocals, Mike Noble on bass, Clark Grieve on guitar and keyboards, and Cole George on drums. Their first album ‘Perfectionism’ was released in early 2020, and they’ve been gaining momentum since. Their most recent single, “Dancing With The Moonlight,” debuted at #1 on the Canadian Breaking Alt chart and is currently Top 25 on Alternative Rock radio in Canada.

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