Nieri drops his sophomore EP, “Flow State”

Dance artist Nieri’s new EP “Flow State” just dropped, and it’s already generating major buzz. This 25-minute, 9-track record is an infectious blend of Nieri’s signature electronic/pop sound – think electric synths, pulsating techno beats and super catchy melodies that’ll get your body moving.

The anchor of the EP is the single Every Feeling. This upbeat, empowering dance track fully encapsulates the vibe of ‘Flow State’ with its messages of self-love and embracing raw emotion. Nieri’s smooth vocals glide effortlessly over the euphoric rhythms and vibey synths, delivering an anthem that’s as feel-good as it is fearlessly authentic.

but beyond just killer tunes, Flow State captures Nieri’s evolution as an artist. and He flexes his versatility across an array of lush soundscapes – from high-energy club bangers to moments of introspection that cut right to your core. Its clear Nieri devoted himself fully to crafting a transformative listening experience that envelops you and invites you to let loose.

Whether you’re a longtime Nieri listener or just discovering his music “Flow State” makes its mark. The infectious energy of this EP gets into your veins, leaving you buzzing for more. So plug in, turn up the volume, and let Nieri’s beats take over your soul.

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