Noé Solange shares emotive & powerful downtempo single “Wilting”

A captivating musical journey awaits in Noé Solange’s newest single, “Wilting”, where her distinct voice, songwriting skills and intricate electronic production take centre stage. ‘Wilting’ invites listeners to immerse themselves in the unique blend of her rich musical styles and evocative storytelling, as the multi-talented artist wears the hats of a producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer. Noé Solange’s creative depth and cultural fusion shine through, weaving the influences of her Dutch-Indonesian-Surinamese heritage into her work. 

Noé’s velvet-toned voice effortlessly navigates the dreamy synths, spiky bleeps and ambient sounds, creating a beautiful juxtaposition between nature and nurture. The warm chords envelop us like a comforting embrace, while Noé’s gentle vocals gracefully hover above the production. In stark contrast, the track’s rhythm is upheld by an array of percussion instruments.

“Wilting” builds upon the foundation set by “Bloom”, hinting at exciting prospects for her upcoming EP, promising more sonic soliloquies and instrumental magic.

Noé tells us the meaning behind her track, “The notion of wilting feels like a beautiful metaphor for those more complex, difficult emotions. But it also carries a hopeful reminder that, just like in nature, this phase can stand as a singular chapter in our journey of healing before blossoming into a new version of ourselves”.

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