Sycklone shares intense single, “Label Me King”

Sycklone, the singer, songwriter, and rapper from Everett, Massachusetts, has shared a single called “Label Me King”. In 2012, he began his journey in music as an audio engineer at the Everett Boys & Girls Club while simultaneously pursuing his education and slowly carving his path as a music artist, eventually building an engaging discography through a series of often hard-hitting and lyrical mixtapes.

In his latest release, Sycklone highlights the importance of the self as “Label Me King” conveys a sense of triumph sonically and lyrically. Thanks to the guitar riff placed prominently in the center, the production features a raw, hard-hitting edge. As it got ripped out of a post-rock piece, the guitar, alongside the bouncing beats, gives it that initial bombast. However, the true center of the track comes from his vocals which present razor-sharp focus and sleek flows. Verses feature thoughtfulness and braggadocio in equal doses, for they have an exacting cadence that takes no prisoners.

“Label Me King” shows the cutting, intense side of Sycklone’s delivery, for he cuts away the nonsense to reveal a certain intensity and confidence that grips the listener.

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