Olivia Dean drops new music video for dreamy R&B single “Baby Come Home” [Video Premiere]

London based R&B singer-songwriter Olivia Dean releases a new DIY style music video for her dreamy new single “Baby Come Home.”

Dean’s voice flows gracefully through “Baby Come Home” with the fluidity and serenity of a new-fallen leaf floating gently through the air. A powerful and boisterous voice remains masterfully restrained behind the alternating piano and guitar-driven melodies. Melodic shifts build and sway alongside Dean’s soaring vocals to add further airiness to the overall dreamy affair. 

Though a young artist, Dean displays a seasoned sense of awareness by conducting an equal level of elegant and romantic undertones from start to finish. Her dazzling vocals call out with constrained fervor, while delicate harmonizing adds a further level of dimension to help break up the intimate pleas.

Dean’s strikingly personal songwriting in “Baby Come Home” also shines through as she poetically expresses the feelings of vulnerability experienced during earnest times of longing. The accompanying DIY shot music video captures the pace-like manner many people experience during moments of passionate desperation. 

Dean shot and directed herself in lockdown in her sunny South London back garden. I’ve spent a lot of time sitting in my garden in isolation. I found it funny how I would sit in a different chair in a different spot , depending on my mood or when the sun was hitting. So I wanted to capture that with the video. I worked out where the sun created an interesting light at different times of the day with some help from my best friend Eleanor and we shot the video on my iPhone over the course of the day. It’s all super DIY but I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Born and raised in Walthamstow, Dean caught the eye of London label AMF with her debut single “Reason to Stay.” Imbued with raw talent and a breathtaking voice, Oliva Dean is quickly becoming a promising new artist to lead the way for R&B this year. Her debut EP Ok Love You Bye is out now via AMF Records.

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