Ori Dagan shares new project ‘Click Right Here’

Award-winning jazz singer-songwriter, and recording artist Ori Dagan shares his new project Click Right Here—a 10-track project that weaves retro jazz and ragtime soundscapes with technology, social media, and a whole lot of wit and banter.

Click Right Here opens up with the upbeat “Viruses” where Dagan warns us of the dangers of computer viruses in an unusual way. His happy-go-lucky approach takes the cake over the lush horns and mellow keys with lines like “Just like insolence, just like violence, just like ignorance there is no consequence”. He is also joined by rapper Erik Flow who lends his opinion on the matter and reaches the conclusion of not opting out of the rat race. This is followed by the “Clicked On Romance”, a tune about online dating. Dagan relives the moment he saw her profile, swiped right, and found true happiness. Again, Dagan’s poise and demeanor are contagious as he delivers a carefree almost nonchalant performance with catchy melodies and scat sections reminiscent of the roaring 20s-style jazz. He tones down the tempo a bit on the mellow love ballad “Would You swing My Way” where he deals with ghosting and texting in this modern dating era. The track however slowly builds into a frenzy as it progresses and brings some interesting chord arrangements alongside the rousing grooves and keys.

“Hashtag World” sees Dagan collaborating with Grammy nominee Flutist Jane Bunnett who provides a counterpoint to the singer’s frustrations about hashtags, virality, and the way social media platforms have completely taken over our lives. Other notable tracks include the uplifting ”Googleable” which is a befitting tribute to the popular search engine, the hypnotic swing on “Rebirth Of The Cool” or the splendid duet with Donovan Locke who shows up on “Going That Counts (For Ella)”.

Click Right Here is chock full of catchy and entertaining tracks that would make you giggle, reminisce, and to some extent wiggle your butt.

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