Parisian producer and rapper Kaïju debuts “6foot7foot”


Paris native DJ, producer, and rapper Kaïju makes his debut with a two track release that bridges the gap between multiple genres. The release features tracks entitled “6foot7foot” and “Nik Le Club” that display his wide range of production talents. Kaïju draws inspirations from the underground queer club scene in France intertwined with the element of ghettotech, horrorcore and a bit of baile funk.

Kaïju’s sound on the lead track is reminiscent of element found in underground dance music combined with horrorcore flows and sprinkle of baile funk beats. The parisian artists incorporates a variety unexpected switch ups through out track including bouncing between languages in his vocals. “6foot7foot” channels the lawless, hectic energy of a packed dancefloor while showing his wide range of production and vocal styles.
Kaïju, which means “giant monster” in Japanese, is a young artist that utilizes his music to represent his life and surrounding. He explains, “We were made by this society, but that same society is scared of us because of our differences, so we evolve and rejoice in these darker places.”
“6FOOT7FOOT” and “ “Nik Le Club” are out now via Arp 169.
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