Per QX shares vibrant album ‘Per QX & Friends’

Per QX returns to his roots with a full-length album Per QX & Friends, a collaborative collection led by vibrant and uplifting melodies that weave through house music sensibilities. 

Created with fellow musicians Birdee, DJ Rae, Karmina Dai, BK298, Elias Bravo, Wayne Soul Avengers, Odyssey Inc and Stephan Duy, the album features a diverse range of genres unveiling his versatility.

Inspiring us to push boundaries with emotive soundscapes, the album shines with layers of keyboards, piano, synths and strings to offer up a soulful and captivating musical experience.

 Speaking on the album, Per QX shares, “I want people to feel something with the songs I make. Above all, I hope to impart some wisdom: Be yourself, have fun, and embrace every moment.”

With a dynamic electronic artistry that brims with authenticity, Per QX sets himself up as a force to be reckoned with.

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