Tedious & Brief drops groovy breakup track “Not That Deep"

Indie alt-pop artist Jamie Jacobsen, better known as Tedious & Brief, drops groovy track “Not That Deep,” a lush sonic exploration of moving on from heartbreak. With tongue-in-cheek song writing driven by smooth guitars, booming beats and husky vocals, the hazy offering sees Jacobsen dive into a break-up story from the perspective of a person who is coming out of the bitter phase of lost love, letting go of any power an ex has over them.

Highly relatable and empowering, the inspiration for the anthemic track came from Jacobsen’s studio-drummer husband, who wondered “What does it look like once you’re done grieving and you’re ready to move on?. This introspection planted the seed for the opening lyrics of the track, envisioning someone whose done being stuck on a relationship that wasn’t meant to be and a person who was never theirs to begin with.

Tapping into the nostalgia, that she’s swiftly made the signature vibe of her music, the rising Chicago singer’s sound is an uplifting brand of pop framed by tinges of melancholia. Underpinning her earworm melodies, is a witty yet mature song writing style that belies Jacobsen’s age of 23, as she urges us to overcome heartache with her positive outlook on life.

With a stage name driven by a willingness to look at every moment in life as precious and worthwhile Tedious & Brief, takes these two negatively connoted words and flips them on their head, finding a way to infuse silver linings even into the darkest moments of life – her artistry too thrums with the same optimism as “Not That Deep,” proves.

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