Phill Harmonix and Fresh Kils “Keep On”

Arizona lyricist Phill Harmonix and Toronto producer Fresh Kils  team up for this quintessential feel-good tune titled “Keep On” that helps prepare us for the forthcoming summer. Fresh Kils cooks up the perfect soulful backdrop made up of silky textures, dreamy tones, and a soothing background vocalist to augment the track while Phil proceeds to show us why he is revered in the underground scene. As a staunch student of the game, Phil knows his roots and pays homage to the foundation while also uplifting the listeners with insight and reflective rhymes like “My perseverance was against me from my first appearance/ Assumed that anyone parched would have the thirst to hear it.” The track also gets a boost from the sultry melodic chorus that helps tie it all together. It’s the perfect track to vibe to in the car as the world slowly moves from the lockdown phase and we are all back outside.

Phill Harmonix is a Phoenix, Arizona raised emcee who has been the staple of the underground scene for years, and now he is on his solo mission
“Keep On” is the first single off the “Miscellanea” album that is coming very soon.

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