Phoebe Ryan explores the “Reality” of her own life in her latest single [Video]

Phoebe Ryan is a Texas-born and New Jersey-raised singer-songwriter and today, Ryan has released her latest single and an animated music video for her single “Reality.” The single is the third single off the release of her anticipated debut album How It Used To Feel, ​​​​​​​due out for release on June 26th.

Inspired by the psychedelics of The Flaming LipsAt War With The Mystics, Ryan’s latest single “Reality” touches on her work’s story through percolating synths and cascading melodies that take time to digest. Featuring a wacky, technicolor video animated by Richie Brown, glimpses at cartoon Phoebe’s fantasies of bulging bodies, fortune tellers, and galactic journeys, all from the perspective of her pet parrot.

“Reality” is about a time in Ryan’s life where she was very dishonest with herself, trusting people who shouldn’t be trusted, and basically just living a lie because it was far less painful than the truth, and it shows within the new single as the real-life struggle is transparent in the visuals as a guide.

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