Pigeon Club provides comedic relief with “Liar” [Video]

Los Angeles based musician and singer-songwriter Pigeon Club has just unveiled his latest single. Entitled “Liar”, the multilayered indie rock track follows his 2022 single “Is Will Soon Be Was” and the new song is shared alongside a fun and lighthearted comedic music video.

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With “Liar”, Pigeon Club pens a song all about defence mechanisms and the hardships of being in a romantic relationship. Raw and emotional lyrics including, “Survival skill for those unfit / To handle what we’re dealing with seek a softer landing / The damage notwithstanding,” show the guards that are often put up in relationships and how they can inflict pain and ultimate demise. Sonically, “Liar” is a sweeping indie rock affair complete with swirling guitar riffs, nostalgic acoustics and warmly rich vocals. Reminiscent of Father John Misty meets The Beatles, Pigeon Club has created an intriguing yet timeless musical envelopment. In the accompanied music video, a traveling entertainer is trying desperately to entertain a party crowd, making for a fun and comedic relief to the song’s emotional narrative.

Pigeon Club is the moniker of Wayne Whittaker, a gifted multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. In collaboration with Grammy winning co-producers John Would and Amy Wood (Fiona Apple, Warren Zevon), he creates music with a myriad of sonic textures that often deals with existential and all too relatable themes. Check out “Liar” now and enjoy the first taste of Pigeon Club’s upcoming album Another Year In The Minors.

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