Pook Hustle drops powerful and heartfelt track “Grammy”

Emerging act Pook Hustle drops powerful track “Grammy,” a dive into his hard-working, hustling attitude towards his craft. Rooted in atmospheric synths and impactful bars offset by silky backing vocals and heartfelt lyrics, the R&B-tinged track spans genres and influences with ease.

The vibrant production framed by his passion conveys Hustle’s desire to succeed, teeming with charisma, experimentation and touches of spirituality that entices us and leaves us wanting more.

Speaking of the track, he says, “The day I created “Grammy” was like any other, after a grueling 9-6 shift. What started as a random cook-up session, quickly turned into a spiritual experience after mentioning my deceased step-father “Mr.John” , a kind, charismatic hustler from Harlem who meant a lot to me. After repeating his name in the hook, a powerful energy started taking shape over what you hear today.”

After a successful year behind him built upon his raw passion and talent to match, Pook Hustle continues to push himself and his music as far as he can.

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