[Premiere] KARMACODA shares captivating ode to self-liberation “Try At Me”

San Francisco trio KARMACODA shares captivating offering “Try At Me,” a passionate ode to self-liberation and overcoming hardship weaving soulful R&B and jazz touches in a tender yet powerful style. With stirring vocals leading the enticing number, the track is brought to life by gentle, downtempo beats, minimal R&B bassline and lowkey instrumental arrangements peppered with the delicate teal of jazz piano.

Brimming with emotion and pain yet blossoming with triumph and hope, the track is inspired by the heart-wrenching losses of a young girl and her inspiring strength to endure and rise out of the dark place. Speaking of the track, vocalist Jessica Fordsays, “I wrote this song about a young girl I teach singing to. She had been through so much loss, anger, sadness and so many trials; more than any little girl should ever have to endure. I watched her fall into a depression, so much so, she didn’t want to sing anymore. Slowly but surely, through love, time and a lot of work, she started coming back, becoming more confident. I watched her fight for it.”

A girl power anthem that urges us to take a leap of faith and find our confidence, the track is yet another showcase of the three-piece band’s elusive and sophisticated genre-bending musicality that has seen them rack up several accolades and an impressive discography.

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