[Premiere] Loren Heat makes a bold debut with “Curiosity”

Middlesbrough-hailing singer-songwriter Loren Heat makes a bold debut with “Curiosity,” an infectious production rooted in the frustrations that arise from a ‘will they, won’t they’ situation.

Led by uplifting yet dark-pop tinged musicality with LGBTQIA+community influences, Heat creates a positive and safe space for the harder situations in life.Delving into the feeling of dealing with someone who sets our worlds alight yet refuses to be honest about how they feel, the track is an intimate exploration of the hazy line between friendly and lustful interactions.

Having begun as a university project, before being produced and mixed by Chad Male and mastered by Pete Maher, “Curiosity,” is an impressive debut framed by introspection and confidence in equal parts.

A promising talent who began playing at open mic nights and recording ukulele covers on TikTok, Heat who is working towards crafting a sonic world that’s brave, defiant and unashamedly pop has taken a solid first step in the right direction.

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