Grace Gillespie paints the perspective of a child in single “HUH”

London-based singer-songwriter Grace Gillespie releases her newest single “HUH” – a playful take on a child’s innocent questioning of adult routines. 

The strongest aspect of “HUH” is its bass rhythm. The pre-chorus is where you can hear it predominantly while the remainder of the song has the type of rhythm you can effortlessly strut to. The rhythm exudes a youthful, spunky essence to it. This childish glow is on theme, as Gillespie wrote the song with the goal of perspective “through the eyes of a child.” 

Through the rhythm and the content, Gillespie seeks to give her listeners an escape from adult life and live freely for a moment in the wondering mind of a child. She achieves this poetically through the energetic baseline and lyrics. Interestingly, the song has a minor sounding chorus – which traditionally communicates a more serious tone. Though we’re meant to have the perspective of a child, there is an element of a marching, routine-following adult life detected in the background of Gillespie’s vocals and chosen instrumentals. At the chorus’ end, she declares regardless of what goes on, she’ll still be swinging in the sunshine, a concept alone that offers us the freedom of a childish mind. 

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