[Premiere] Tenille Ja’Nae delves into loneliness on “Quarantine”

Pop/soul rising star Tenille Ja’Nae delves into loneliness on “Quarantine,” a warm production brimming with plucky melodies, bouncy percussion and sleek grooves.  With a luxuriant touch brought to life by energetic yet velvety vocals backed by rich sonics, the track manages to balance a vibrant musicality with poignant messaging.

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A heartfelt anthem inspired by the pandemic and the relatable notion of being forced to be alone despite not wanting it for yourself, the atmopsheric track comes straight from the heart led by Ja’Nae’s ability to weave reflective and soulful tales.

Having carved out a space for herself with her cascading yet confident vocals, swooning musicality and expressive themes, Tenille Ja’Nae pulls listeners into her world of self-love and empowerment.

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