Radio Slave showcases the power of techno in ‘Command Z’

Undeniably one of house and techno’s most sought after producers and remixers, Matt Edwards kickstarted Special Projects as a techno focused series in 2017. Since then, it has gone on to host an array of incredible artists including SRVD—Edwards’ collaborative project alongside club-kid Patrick Mason. Three years later, the Berlin-based Brit finally graces the label under his most revered pseudonym, Radio Slave, with new EP Command Z.

Aptly titled, the two-track compilation is a demonstration of commanding overtones befitting of techno. Eponymous track “Command Z” raises the flag, and salutes listeners with the beckoning calls of roaming synth patterns and slick kicks. Directing the flow of the track effortlessly, Radio Slave contrasts hints of haunting sounds with delicately placed plucks, offering a uniquely refined yet frenetic sonic experience. Part two of the EP, “Command X”, situates itself perfectly within darker dispositions, unwavering in its delivery of rattling snares. It’s the arpeggiated keys that take charge, fuelled further by saturated claps and the raw ripples of amalgamated echoes that truly reflect techno’s allure—as well as highlighting why Radio Slave, is so beloved in the dance music scene.

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