Vandelux delivers a euphoric electronic ballad in new single “It’s All In Your Head”

Vancouver-bred, San Francisco-based producer and vocalist Vandelux’s latest single “It’s All In Your Head” is a chilling ballad full of mesmerizing and euphoric electronic instrumentation.

Billowing vocals echo and call out to you as wildly colorful instrumentation gently embrace you in atmospheric sound. There’s a comfort in the nostalgic influences that progress and gently build on one another. The ’80s reto-pop synth pattern, with a grandiose electric guitar riff and distant drum pads add expansive levels of depth that dance around. In an email correspondence with EARMILK, Vandelux shared, “All of the synths on this track were done on the Juno-106, which I fell in love with this year. I usually start with a beat and build off of that, but I worked in the opposite direction for this one – I had the melody stuck in my head, and recorded that and the background vocals first. Then laid down the synth, then bass, then the beat. It’s one of the first tracks I’ve finished with a positive feel to it.. maybe I should work in reverse more often?”

“It’s All In Your Head” is a multi-dimensional track that is simultaneously uplifting as it is lighthearted. The cinematic appeal to the song structure makes this cut a stirring ballad that elevates the soul. As a skilled multi-instrumentalist and seasoned producer, it’s clear that Vandelux has a knack for crafting rich electronic arrangements. Hit play above and let Vandelux gently lift you away. 

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