Rising pop artist Madison Margot releases new single “Heathrow" exploring long distance relationships

American pop singer-songwriter Madison Margot explores long-distance relationships on “Heathrow,” her first single of the year.With catchy synth-pop soundscape, centred around Margot’s bold vocals, the track is blanketed with its comfort.

Built on an atmospheric guitar-led instrumental interwoven with stunning storytelling, Margot showcases an ability to be strike musical gold even in the mundane as she draws inspiration from her own experience of her years spent travelling between London and Los Angeles. Written with a narrative that imagines the minutes ticking down as a pair in love cling to their last few minutes of intimacy before they split at the terminal, the track paints vivid images of epic airport romances within creative minds.

Pointing out some of the ordinary instances in life that made its way into the track’s song writing, she says,”Heathrow has become a very important setting in my story. Such an iconic airport that I have a love/hate relationship with. The chorus throws a tantrum. The verses bring attention to small details such as the music being listened to and the typical English weather.”

But above all else, this is a track about love.  Self-described by the rising artist as a song about “wanting to be with your love”, this latest offering boasts a deceptively simple lyrical narrative about the anxieties associated with “having to kiss your lover goodbye at the airport”, before unravelling line by line and note by note to reveal a mature understanding of love and distance underneath.

Produced by Tone Def, “Heathrow,” is a reprieve from the world’s toxicity, a vibrant yet emotive instrumentals that's grabbing from the get-go. Boasting a winning combo of Margot’s enchanting vocal delivery and a straight-from-the-heart pop sensibility, the track makes for easy but thought-provoking listening.

The Los Angeles-raised talent is made for stardom, having been exposed to interesting and inspiring opportunities including meeting Miley Cyrus at a young age. Surrounded by talent, influenced by the likes of industry giants such as Taylor Swift, Haim, and Lana Del Rey,is an up-and-comer worthy of the attention she will receive at every step of her growing career for her feel-good brand of pop music.

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