Rising vocalist Chanel Amari delivers a wonderful performance on her debut EP, 'All My Feelings"

While there's still plenty of work to do, certain sectors of music have begun to be a bit more inclusive about who they champion, with R&B being one of them. Hailing from San Diego, rising vocalist Chanel Amari is banking on that notion, as she's looking to become one of the first transgender artists to breakthrough in that arena. Taking into account the uphill climb, she doubled down on working on her craft and emerged with, All My Feelings, her undeniable debut EP. 

Showcasing production from AJSOUNDS, BEATSPICASSO, and Jaye Locke, one of the immediate things that caught my eye was that there were no features. Instead of banking on a familiar voice to help initiate new listeners, she opted to focus on songwriting and production. In doing so, she was able to craft four tracks that are rooted in honesty, pain, happiness, and everything in between. On, "If I Was Your Girl," she croons about longing for love over warm synths and infectious drum kicks, while on songs like, "Do You Forget?" and "Babyboy," she switches it up and gets a bit bolder with her words. 

In all, she does a brilliant job of crafting an EP that is relatable enough to serve as a Trojan Horse for those who may still be a bit ignorant, which is never an easy feat. Take a listen to the EP above and get familiar with Chanel Amari. 

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