Rose Fall shares soul-stirring single ‘Human’

LA musician Rose Fall just put out a new single called ‘Human’ that’s all about those little everyday annoyances that get under our skin. As someone with Senegalese roots making pop-folk tunes, Rose takes experiences we can all relate to and looks at them through her own cultural lens and the song explores those tiny moments that stick in your mind even when nobody else remembers them – think Curb Your Enthusiasm-style scenarios where you feel totally misunderstood over some dumb comment or mistake.

With thoughtful lyrics, Rose shines a light on how we fixate on those awkward bits of human behavior and shows we’re more alike than we realize. ‘Human’ starts off describing revisiting some faded memory and using it as a jumping-off point to self-reflect and make peace with our imperfections. The message is that this over analysis is part of what makes us human.

The gentle folk-pop production lets Rose’s voice tell the story front and center. Little flourishes of guitar and electronica perfectly capture the emotional ups and downs as Rose pulls you into her headspace. Every chord echoes the feelings shes working through. So in exploring those not-quite-curb-your-enthusiasm-but-close scenarios, Rose shows we’re all in this together – these ‘Human’ moments connect us.

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