Lisabel presents abstract narratives with her new single “Flor de Louis”

Transcending into her truly euphoric soundscape, contemporary artist Lisabel confides in her familial devotion with her new single “Flor de Louis.” Enchanting listeners with her rich musical heritage, her latest single forms an ode to the relationship with her brother. As she conveys her unique chronicles in cascading song structures, echoing vocal harmonies and funk-filled rhythms, listeners can expect to hear Lisabel’s likening atmospherics come to life.

She shares, “I wrote the song a few years ago when I was boarding a plane to go back to London after spending time with my family in Italy. I always had a strong bond with my brother, we inspire each other to grow in our respective careers and lives in a way that to me is very special and unique. It’s hard to live in different countries but we are always connected even when we’re far.”

As she united the metaphor of the “Flor de Louis” usually known as “Flor de Lis,” Lisabel’s description of the colorful aura her brother radiates lyrically depicting the red hues of the sun on the blue surface of the ocean, synonymous with her encompassing-vision when taking flight.

Developing the ripening history of the term into her own abstract narratives, Lisabel’s inspirations shine brightly, as she continues to own her introspective approach to composition. Blending her intricate musicality together with grooving synthesizers and bluesy basslines, she’s taken the term coined by the French Monarchy to new heights, developing a familial dedication like no other into a truly remarkable tune.

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