Roseburg get a second chance with their new EP, ‘2 in a Million’

Utah-based indie, alt/rock band Roseburg have been releasing banger after banger over the last year, working towards their EP, 2 in a Million. Now, the day has arrived where we can listen to the EP in its entirety, and it was certainly worth the wait. 2 in a Million sees the four-piece band reflecting on their past and counting their blessings for their second chance, after the band went through a rocky period. 

Knell shares, “It’s a record of our story, as a band, and our little community we’ve built around it. And how we are so grateful that after all of that, we are back together again with the people we love, doing the thing we love.”

The six-track release features songs such as “Sun Sick” which gives us a glimpse into the issues the band were facing during the pandemic, and the close call to Roseburg’s demise. “See You Never” and “Flowers” then show the band making amends and powering through their problems for the greater good. 

“Good Morning” represents a full circle for the band, with its narrative responding to the final track on their previous album. Detailing gratitude, the track emits a feel-good atmosphere, through jangly guitars, warm piano melodies, and fast-paced, toe-tapping percussion. Knell’s honey-soaked vocals sing, “Say good morning to your lover, say I love you to your friends,” reminding listeners to be thankful for what we have, as we never know what tomorrow will bring. 

2 in a Million delivers an uplifting and positive message with their raw and relatable lyrics reflecting the rollercoaster of life. 

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