Ryan Nevis drops delicate electronic offering "We Can Run Away"

Rising electronic producer Ryan Nevis drops delicate new offering “We Can Run Away,” featuring bold and sultry vocals from K!ANNA.  The second official release from Nevis’ independent label, Be You Records, the electronic offering drops a curtain of bliss over us as it shifts from an ethereal piano-led opening into a groovy synths and soft guitars for a listening experience that leaves us reaching for multiple replays.

Created with a conscious effort to diversify and expand the electronic music scene, Nevis explores his musicality by stepping out of production norms as he softens booming basslines with a touch of hazy strings. An intensely layered production that highlights a lush, versatile soundscape before letting K!ANNA's soaring vocal ability to take the spotlight, “We Can Run Away,” ebbs and flows to achieve an intricate balance between feel-good vibes and heavy emotion.  

In short, the track is the epitome of the fresh, new brand of EDM sound that Chicago-native Nevis hopes to establish through his ever-evolving artistry and his label, which strives put out music that evokes a sense of community, immersing us within and beyond the sonics.

Taking influence from a wide range of artists including San Holo, Porter Robinson, and Petit Biscuit,  Nevis’ first release under Be You Records “It Was 2 AM,” marked him as an up-and-coming producer in the electronic music scene. Now bringing the dichotomy of blissful strings and raging beats together under the warmth of K!ANNA’s vocals in this latest production, Nevis highlights his resistance against settling for a singular genre or style while still maintaining a consistent love for earworm melodies with hard-hitting drops.

From a journey into music that ironically began with an end – as a lifelong passion for dance came to a halt due to the dislocation of his hip, Nevis who turned adversity into opportunity, proves himself to be an innovative talent, showing clear glimpses of an ability to make a genre completely his own .