SAL explores the pain of letting go on folk-infused single “Red Wine”

Emerging singer-songwriter SAL offers folk-infused single “Red Wine,” exploring the struggle of letting go and longing we all have for holding on to the love we have for someone. The heart-warming number that manages to be infectious and emotional with a seamless blend of powerful basslines, understated acoustic guitars and warm vocals.

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With heartfelt lyricism that weave an effortless tale about the weight of the love we have for someone and the pain of letting go of it, the immersive production merges the foundations of folk, soul and pop to allure us with gentleness and vulnerability.

Speaking of the recording process behind the track, “I recorded ‘Red Wine’ with a recording collective here in Cork, Ireland called Catalyst. I have never felt more at ease and comfortable in a recording setting. The song just fell into place without much discussion between the musicians, producer or myself about what was needed. It was all extremely intuitive, gentle and fell into place so beautifully.”

An artist who has impressed with each release, SAL who has established herself through colourful song writing and luscious instrumentation continues to go from strength to strength in her musical journey.

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