SERENA and Cholly shares electrifying collaboration with “Lipstick on a Glass (Cholly’s Version)”

SERENA and Cholly, two female artists in the electronic music scene, have teamed up to produce an enchanting electronic dance track, “Lipstick on a Glass (Cholly’s Version).” The track features pulsating beats and infectious pop influences that promise to captivate listeners.

The idea for the collaboration came to fruition when SERENA witnessed Cholly’s magnetic performance at a London festival a few years ago. As a fellow solo artist, SERENA appreciated the dedication required to craft an electronic set and was inspired by Cholly’s stage mastery. The two artists’ creative synergy was inevitable, and “Lipstick on a Glass (Cholly’s Version)” resulted from their dynamic collaboration.

The track is  a demonstrate the creative prowess of two artists coming together to craft something truly magical. With its darkly compelling aura, the track invites listeners on a journey of sonic exploration, pulsating with energy and emotion.

The release of “Lipstick on a Glass (Cholly’s Version)” marks the birth of two distinct versions of the track – the original and a faster-paced rendition titled “Lipstick on a Glass (Cholly’s Version) Sped Up.” Each version offers a unique sonic experience, showcasing the versatility and ingenuity of SERENA and Cholly’s collaboration.

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