Shaquille O’Neil Takes a Victory Lap with 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE On New Track “Raw I Know I Got It”

In complete Endgame fashion, DIESEL, a.k.a Shaquille O’Neal, is the latest creative to join the 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE shenanigans providing production credits and an insane verse.

1999 WRITE THE FUTURE has been moving in great stride since the release of their debut collaborative project back in March of this year. The collaboration, led by 88Risings own Rich Brian, brought together juggernauts from multiple pools of genre. Weaving a quilt of generational talent that spanned international lines.

Their debut project hella (˃̣̣̥╭╮˂̣̣̥) ✧ ♡ ‧º·˚: brought together pocket, yet sensational collaborations such as Warren Hue and CucoPhum Vuprit and Masiwei, and Dumbfounded and Bekon

Since then, the genre kimera has yet to lose steam, releasing collabs upon collabs with their latest single “Raw I Know I Got It” tapping 1993 NBA Rookie of the Year, DIESEL, more commonly known as Shaquille O’Neal. 

The track is a clear shout-out to Shaq and everything he stands for, while also acting as a space for the all-star to stunt on his own terms.

Braggadocious bars like:

“Broken records, broken backboards Broke the records for broken backboards // I’m that raw Turks and Caicos with a bad bit*h// She gone search through my phone she get distracted with the black cards” are present all throughout to remind folks that Shaq will always be that guy.

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