Shantoi is not actually “Stuck Up” [video]

Emerging NY-based singer/songwriter Shantoi shares the visuals for her song “Stuck up” which caught our attention. Aided by an atmospheric synth-driven backdrop, Shantoi uses her pain to deliver a heartfelt performance as she finds strength in the midst of a relationship gone sour. “Stuck up” also sees her working with singer Rahh Young who shares his own side of the story adding an interesting flavor to the punch.

The title “Stuck Up” might sound off, but it’s actually Shantoi being assertive in what she wants from her man in the relationship and she is not settling for less as she sings “I’m stuck up, just need a man who gonna love me for me.” For the visuals, Marcy Boyz Music takes up the mantle and really go to the limit in bringing the story to life. From capturing the build-up to the breakdown and self-realization, we get to see Shantoi in different phases exuding a wide array of emotions.

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