Sheva Elliot writes a timeless new single “Somebody Else’s Man”

Versatile singer/songwriter Sheva Elliot has just shared the latest single off of her highly anticipated debut album slated for release later this year. Entitled “Somebody Else’s Man”, the soulful Motown-inspired new track follows the release of her debut single “Clothes in the kitchen” released in January.

With “Somebody Else’s Man”, Sheva Elliot crafts a nostalgic offering which details a difficult time in her past. The self described “eerie” tune details the sadness and heart wrenching feelings of loss when someone she loved was with another. Lyrics including, “she gets your secret in the bedroom at night / all I got is my jealousy / I’ll never bring you closer to me,” shows the resignation and hopelessness she experienced in the game of love. Musically, “Somebody Else’s Man” shines with powerhouse vocals singing gospel-influenced vocal harmonies over rhythm and blues piano chords and 60’s influenced bright guitar riffs. Sheva Elliot recorded the song live to tape on the old Neve Motown console for a truly authentic and timeless musical expression.

Sheva Elliot is a musical newcomer with a self described “old soul”. Drawing inspiration from her musical heroes including Gladys Knight, Marvin Gaye, and The Jackson 5, the songwriter creates 60s and 70s inspired music but with a modern and fresh perspective. Blending a myriad of genres including pop, rock, soul, blues and Americana, Sheva Elliot is captivating listeners with her unique sonic fusion and rich and compelling vocals. Take a listen to “Somebody Else’s Man” now and remember to let go of heartbreak.

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