Sho-Time Teamed-up with Stacks Daniels for thrilling track “Body”

The Bronx-raised recording artist, producer, and songwriter Sho-Time teamed up with Stacks Daniels for the new single “Body.” Following his most celebrated singles, “Winning,” “Change Up,” and “Fan Klub.”

The latest offering, “Body,” is just an introduction to the thrilling world of Sho-Time that is yet to be explored and features his range of versatility, clever songwriting, and insanely addictive melodies. The new single shares a story of his crush on women with excellent body figures and sings on the catchy hook, which will easily be fixed in everyone’s head after one listens.

His recent release, “Stay In Your Place.”, is a track that reflects on Sho-Time’s recent success and newfound belief. On September 19th, he released the official music video for “Mercy,” which features an outstanding sound and catchy hooks. From the visuals, Sho-Time is nothing short of an intense shot of significant energy.

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