Sicksways shares thought provoking new single “Scene”

Michigan born and bred artist Sicksways blends alt R&B, pop, hip hop, soul and electronic for a seductive musical fusion. His latest single “Scene” follows his debut track “Velvet Robes” released earlier this year.

With “Scene”, Sicksways pens a relatable song all about seeking distraction to cope with loneliness and misery. Many times those distractions can offer temporary relief but in the end, Sicksways highlights the need for a deeper introspective healing process. Lyrics including, “I just had sex with a rich blonde in the daytime / I’ve been feeling invisible / I need love,” show how the narrator is using sex and connection as an escape for his own issues. Sonically, “Scene” features throbbing basslines, a yearning and enticing pop hook and a rhythmic and striking flow. Atmospheric synths and sprinkling keys complete the enthralling track.

Sicksways is the musical project of Rico Taylor. Rico began recording music as a teen finding solace in songwriting. Soon he attracted industry attention sharing the stage with R&B icons including Jone B, Tank, Ginuwine, and Adina Howard. Moving to Los Angeles, Rico began Sicksways and teamed up with producer Noah Simeon and record label Godknows. The result is an innovative musical project that is transformative and genre-defying. Take a listen to “Scene” now and remember to look deeper.

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