SG Ali continues a run of lyrical dominance on new visual for “Long Way” [Video]

There’s just some songs that seem to check all the boxes; lyrical delivery, concise message, infinitely replayable melody.  “Long Way” by Chicago rapper SG Ali is one of those songs.  Combining flawless melodic trap with one of the most consistent and catchy deliveries in rap, Ali is just getting started as the next great Chicago rapper, hailing from the Cabrini-Green projects of Northside Chicago.  

With music that frames her struggles growing up in the projects in a way that is eminently accessible and powerfully raw, Ali’s brand of rap is straight from the heart.  Never shying away from the reality of the streets, the Chicago emcee is still able to create hard-hitting and addictive bangers that provide a cautious tale of growing up under tough conditions.  “Long Way” features a delicate piano-driven melody providing the backdrop for signature trap drums and tightly mixed 808s.  The visual (Directed by AZaeProduction) focuses on Ali and her Cabrini-Green family relaying the reality of their day to day life while also maintaining a pride in the place she grew up and developed to be the artist she is today.  

One of the best parts of music is how it can convey emotions and ideas across barriers better than almost any other form of communication.  In this way, SG Ali can tell her stories over beats and be understood by listeners, regardless of background or upbringing.  In bringing her message to a rapidly growing audience, Ali looks to continue to build upon her buzzing fan base and deliver cross-cultural messages in a way few artists can.  

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