Silent Mass mourns their past self in “The Great Chaos”

New York based shoegaze meets dreampop experimenter Silent Mass has just released their latest single. Entitled “The Great Chaos”, the song is a standout sonic whirlwind from this unique band. The single also acts as the title track to their debut album The Great Chaos out this summer, June 20th.

With “The Great Chaos”, Silent Mass headed by frontwoman Ammo Bankoff confronts her past and looks to a season of love and self-discovery. The song also discusses what it’s like to move on from a past version of yourself. Lyrics including “And the death of the calm / Darkened bore its own light / Gaze into your heart, desire,” show this theme and the single is a deeply poetic yet haunting love ballad. Musically, “The Great Chaos” soothes with mystical beats, whimsical keys and stacked warmly rich vocals. Introspective, dreamy and creative, the song shows just how special Silent Mass is and how much they are leading the new wave of dreampop.

Silent Mass takes influence from a variety of existential crises. Their pitch black releases fuse a variety of genres from post-punk to dreamwave, shoegaze and bedroom pop. The band is poised for their biggest year to date and we can’t wait to hear what is next.

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