Speech Debelle shares visuals for her new single “11:11”. [Video]

Ever since she put out her debut album Speech Therapy, which earned her the coveted Mercury Prize British Album of the Year in 2019, multi-faceted musician Speech Debelle continues to bring her unique and refreshing take on alternative hip-hop. Her latest effort is the video for the song “11:11”, lifted from her fourth studio album, Sunday Dinner On a Monday. The Skripture/Dem Drums produced track is a chilled, feel-good jam made up of dreamy textures, and pulsating bass-driven drum grooves all peppered by Speech’s unadulterated raps that dig deep into what makes her tick. Armed with her laidback gruff vocals, she gives listeners a glimpse into her life with quips and cheeky lines like “My past is my past, I don’t too look back/my stripes are stripes, fit coordinate/thy compass set to real, ancestral energy/I don’t sit on fence, I sit on face/Drippy, I’m not like them I’m real hippie/I burn sage, bill spliffs, I suck titties/no clubhouse, doing up lippy lippy/road taught me well, I hid it quickly“.

The music video is directed by Aiden Harmitt-Williams and is a motif-driven visual that puts Speech at the centre of a free-form live art performance that captures an artistic representation of who Speech is to different people. This is mixed with performance shots and seamless cut scenes of all the artists involved and at the end of the day, we get to see their drawings.

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“11:11” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms here.

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