Simen Mitlid’s new album Fredsvenn is a glorious piece of autumnal folk

Simen Mitlid’s latest offering, Fredsvenn, is a captivating indie-folk masterpiece that beautifully encapsulates the essence of a cozy Autumn season. With haunting melodies and soothing guitar riffs, Mitlid weaves a musical tapestry that effortlessly draws listeners into his world. This Norwegian singer/songwriter has a knack for infusing his lyrics with real-life events, and this album is no exception.

In this album, Mitlid takes us on a journey through the themes that have come to define his signature style. The simplicity of the arrangements, as he puts it, allows the raw emotions and narratives to shine through. The unassuming quality of the music mirrors the humble and courageous actions of Bendik Riis, an artist who stood against the Nazi regime during World War II. Riis’s illegal peace demonstrations, symbolized by his cardboard crown and the banner that read ‘Fredsvenn’ (Friend of Peace), inspire the album’s title and its latest track.

Simen Mitlid’s album not only pays tribute to a remarkable historical figure but also serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring power of music to tell stories and evoke deep emotions. With this album, Mitlid has created a captivating and meaningful sonic experience that deserves a place in every indie-folk enthusiast’s collection.

In the words of Mitlid himself,

“Fredsvenn” is a collection of songs that I wrote inadvertently. However, I gradually noticed that they revolved in the same universe and around the same themes. Early on, I decided to arrange the songs as simply as possible, preferably not at all, except for the last track, which serves as a protest against the modest arrangement and withdrawn presence of the rest of the nine songs.

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