SongBits and Music Gateway link up for first collaboration Phoebe Willo’s “Lost In The Music”

Award-winning producer, songwriter and one-half of iconic 80s pop band Eurythmics with Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart who is a Co-Founder of SongBits and was an active pioneer in supporting Music Gateway in its infancy has always been at the forefront helping make the music industry more accessible for artists.

Multi-talent Phoebe Willo is the perfect example of an artist who has taken a step forward in her music journey with the combination of Music Gateway’s mantra is to ‘empower independent artists,’ and SongBits’ works towards showcasing fresh and untapped talent.

The rising act’s new indie pop number “Lost in the Music,” is built on a therapeutic vibe and captures the magical pull and power of letting ourselves get immersed in music, framed by her penchant for imaginative song writing.

The track which released with a SongBits sale and is one of the largest releases in Music Gateway’s history to date is not a milestone for both companies but also for Willo, marking another notch in her promising career.

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