Sounds of Walker’s “Don’t Want More” is raw freedom [Video]

Sounds of Walker is the musical project of singer, producer, songwriter, and creator Milan de la Rocha. The rising artist has just unleashed his second single ever and it is called “Don’t Want More”. The track follows his debut synth pop meets electronica release “Ko” that was shared last year.

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With “Don’t Want More”, Sounds of Walker writes a song all about personal triumph and defiance against the perils of toxic people. The track drives home the important message of never taking less than what you deserve in life. This can include dealing with poisonous people or even self doubt and the artist reminds us all to embrace the light over darkness. Lyrics showing this theme include “I see you with that face / And then you walk this way / You anticipate that I would let you stay / Don’t come around here anymore.” Sonically, “Don’t Want More” is a moody and enthralling synth pop masterpiece. The song highlights Sounds of Walker’s deep vocal hue, singing delectable melodies. Dark sonics and shadowy bass also add to the inciting musical journey. The music video shows the artist running through the gritty streets of Hollywood in multiple artistic scenes.

Sounds of Walker began sharing music in 2023 with his effervescent single release “Ko”. As a Los Angeles based artist and a first generation Latino, his diverse background has influenced his unique sonic fusion, touching listeners across the globe. Check out “Don’t Want More” now and remember to take your power back.

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