sourfruit are avoiding the “High Tide”

sourfruit are on the verge of the release of their debut album and the urgency comes through on their new track, “High Tide”. 

This serves as the second single from the upcoming debut album for the Gonzo Collective conglomerate. After the success of their first single “Candlelight” this track see’s them return to a more established sound based on prior releases. Their other project Phtalo Blue dropped last year and established them as force to reckon with. The unique blend of rapping, singing and interesting production has gained them a small cult following. 

This track is a return to infectious bass lines, bouncy harmonies and mellow laid back raps. This track is a rollercoaster but its crafted to draw the listener in and push you away. This is to reflect the themes and motifs on offer here. The group express that every high has a low and you can often not enjoy the high moments due to fear of falling. 

There are bittersweet moneys dotted throughout this record in the production too. For the most part, it’s a woozy, glossy listen with jarring moments that involve electronic drops with hard 808’s but these moments are brief. It feels like you are being taken on a ride and it’s beautiful but dark at points. 

The boys in sourfruit are really onto something. 

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