Spiral Heads blend evocative lyricism and swagger-laden sonics on ‘Til I’m Dead’

Brooklyn/Boston-based trio Spiral Heads epitomise their unique blend of nostalgic familiarity and contemporary originality on latest album ‘Til I’m Dead, showcasing a blend of evocative lyricism and swagger-laden sonics.

Presenting a captivating exploration of themes such as loneliness, death, and self-awareness, the collection extends an invitation to listeners for a profound sonic journey through time and space, framed by laid-back yet sombre song writing.With nostalgic lead single, “NY Sorrow,” capturing the essence of life in New York City during the COVID-19 pandemic, the album swirls with humorous but poignant ruminations.

Speaking of the single, band member Simon Doom, explains, “ ‘NY Sorrow’ is based on two of my favourite songs…‘SF Sorrow’ by the Pretty Things and ‘New Age’ by Blitz,” says Doom. “But instead of being about whatever those songs are about, it’s about watching the New York transplants quickly and steadily disappear from my neighbourhood during the first few months of the pandemic.”

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The album release is marked by with a music video for their single, which exaggerates the struggles of apartment hunting in NYC. The video portrays Doom’s encounters with dot-Musk rental sites, crunchy realtors demanding absurd amounts of checks up front, and exorbitant Uber rides, offering a satirical glimpse into the struggles faced by many urban dwellers.

Other singles including introspective ballads like “One of My Dreams,” “Seizure in Paris,” and “Just So Down” evoking a range of emotions, while more vibrant offerings such as “The Roomba,” and “Haunt My Dreams,” inject a dose of playfulness.

Framed by relatability and perseverance, Spiral Heads continue to evolve and explore new musical horizons with a charm and energy that extends across every note.

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