SPIRITSAVER delivers soul-stirring depth in new music video “Deeper Than”

SPIRITSAVER, the Toronto-based musical duo comprising Grammy-nominated producer Zale and Nigerian-Canadian recording artist Tajudeen, has recently launched their latest creation, “Deeper Than.” The duo’s sound is a blend of psychedelic R&B/Rap, drawing inspiration from various genres from the late ’60s to the early 2000s, resulting in a unique sound combining nostalgia and innovation.

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The “Deeper Than” music video is directed by Stacey Lee Ottman and co-produced by Herag and Jackson Willows. The video showcases SPIRITSAVER’s sonic versatility and distinct personality while paying homage to the late ’80s and early ’90s corporate aesthetic.

SPIRITSAVER’s creative process for this song involved bringing in gospel singers to help harmonize certain sections, giving the song the production and diligence that their favorite songs from the predigital age had. The duo’s commitment to sustainability and connection with their fans is evident in their collaboration with their record label and art collective, THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON PLANTS, to launch a $1 T-shirt campaign featuring lyrics from “Deeper Than.” The campaign emphasized sustainability and emotional resonance and sold out within 30 minutes, highlighting the profound impact of SPIRITSAVER’s music on its audience.

One of the lyrics from “Deeper Than,” “Talking about generational healing, you’re speaking my language,” resonates with fans on a deeply personal level, solidifying SPIRITSAVER’s position as not just a musician but a storyteller of the soul.

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