Sam Segurado delivers indie-pop anthem “JJ”

Irish-Portuguese singer-songwriter Sam Segurado gives us a glimpse of his sophomore album The Remainder with indie pop gem “JJ,” featuring luscious guitars and transcendental synths with dynamic drums and anthemic vocals that whip up something euphoric and melancholic all at once.

Written as an ode to the strength of women everywhere and their varied experiences, the track manages to be vulnerable yet empowering as it showcases their pain and their power simultaneously.

With a nostalgic, hook-filled 00s touch blending into a stylish and modern indie feel, “JJ” unveils a whole new sonic direction for Segurado who continues to build his musical profile rooted in his poetic lyricism.

Having had only music as his constant in a life of moving between countries and craving a sense of belonging, Segurado has honed his talent and managed to craft an artistry that’s relatable yet individualistic in nature, with his latest offering hinting at a dynamic album to come as he continues to carve his path forward.

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