Strath explores a palette of genres in exquisite new EP “I Thought It Would Never End”

Returning with a truly powerful and unique piece of electronica, I Thought It Would Never End, from Strath – is a captivating journey through a sonic landscape where genres seamlessly intertwine. Released via U.S label Godmode (Chanel Tres / EMMY/ JPEG Mafia), this six-track offering solidifies Strath’s position as a master of genre-blending and storytelling, echoing sentiments from Magnetic Magazine.

Each track within the EP presents a distinct sonic experience, showcasing Strath’s versatility as a producer. “Oh California” immerses listeners in shimmering synthscapes and ethereal vocals, while “Don’t Hold Your Breath” introduces elements of house, creating a laid-back yet vibrant atmosphere. Tracks like “In Your Corner” delve into pop territory, adding another dimension to the EP’s diversity.

The absolute highlight, has to be the final track in the project “One Last Time” – a glorious journey through modern trance and electronica, utilising off-beat synth stabs and a glorious songwriting guile throughout.

Strath’s meticulous production shines through, with intricate details waiting to be discovered upon each listen. Whether you’re a fan of electronic, hip hop, or pop, this EP offers something for everyone, making it a standout release in today’s music landscape.

Discussing the EP, Strath says: “I Thought It Would Never End’ is a loosely conceptual EP that’s designed to take you down a surreal rollercoaster ride. Though the music is dance-forward, I never want the constraints of club structure to override the chance to tell a story, which is my real passion. Toeing this line is where most of my thoughts and efforts go towards. I want people to get lost in this world the same way I did. But be careful, because like myself, you’ll almost certainly exit a different person from the one who entered.”

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